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Introduction to Digital Entrepreneurs in Johor

24 June 2022

In an effort to help entrepreneurs, Tourism Johor in collaboration with Usahawan Johor, UTM and Johor Tourism Interchange (JTI) will implement the Digital Tourism Entrepreneur Development Program to empower the field of selling local products to international and domestic tourists.

Digital Tourism Empowerment Course

February 2022

This project is an initiative of the Johor state government to produce a 2022 Digital Tourism Empowerment Course specifically for tourism agencies in the state of Johor. Training like this gives more opportunities to all stakeholders in tourism, especially the people of Johor who are directly or indirectly involved in contributing to the competitive economic development of the state of Johor. As such, the involvement of participants in this program will directly contribute by involving them in the involvement of human capital development activities and tourism-based activities at the local level.

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Tourism Empowerment Course

November 2022

This program is characterized by the development of tourism  awareness as well as raising the value of smart cooperation  with all stakeholders for the economic development of the  country. The program also aims to provide exposure to all  decision makers in the local economic sector whether at the  district level, Local Authority level and up to the level of  government agencies at the State level so that  the  transformation of various sectors should be initiated and used  as a benchmark of effectiveness and cooperation of all parties.

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