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The one-fits-all approach has lost its influence on the travel industry. More people, especially Millennials, no longer consider a beach holiday as the ideal way to spend their annual leave. People travel for the experiences that await them on new terrain. Moreover, they increasingly carry out their booking activities online – by themselves – thus overall changing their travel habits. This situation has a profound impact on the travel industry and challenges travel agents (TAs) to adapt in order to survive. 

Covering over 2,5 million startups & scaleups globally, we use our Big Data and AI-powered Discovery Platform to identify innovative

applications, technologies, and companies impacting the Travel Industry. This exhaustive, data-driven start-up scouting pinpoints emerging trends and technologies in the Travel Industry. For this research, we analyzed a sample of 1000+ startups and scaleups and
present the Top 8 Travel Trends.

Conversational Interfaces

Net Solutions leverages chatbots to provide a personalized travel experience. The startup’s chatbots can be launched on Messenger, Telegram, and Slack among other services and provide full analytics to better understand customer behavior. The service includes features such as providing customer support, tracking orders, and distributing content.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI simplifies travel decisions, shorten the time of purchase, and enhance personalized offerings throughout the entire travel lifecycle. For travel agents, automating low priority tasks frees up time of the human workforce which then can be used to add further value.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

AR and VR technologies take travel experiences further by demonstrating destinations (“try before you fly”), preserving historical landmarks, and even creating new attractions. Augmented and Virtual Reality equip travel agents with the tools to highlight their unique selling points such as hotels or destinations.

Mobile Travel

By today, mobile has turned into the latest sales channel for travel agents as travel pairs well with mobile devices, permitting passengers to continue and modify their journey once they have taken off.

Digital Payment

The increase in digital payments comes down to three main lines of disruption: P2P payment applications, digital wallets (eWallets), and the rise of cryptocurrencies. While these technologies improve efficiency and convenience, gaining traveler’s trust is still a challenge.

Personalized Travel

Personalizing travel experiences starts with understanding traveler behavior and tailoring travels according to their needs. Similar to airlines, travel agents need to take care to provide their customer’s personalized offers, genuinely created to meet their expectations.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content, namely blog posts, social media shares, etc., is one way to turn this information into action-able insights. Moreover, UGC is a powerful tool to give potential customers an authentic look at a travel agent’s offerings.

Web & App Travel Aggregators

Web and app-based travel aggregators come in a variety of formats. From the better-known flight, hotel and car aggregators to thematic tours, outdoor activities, luxury traveling and sustainable tourism, travel aggregators offer fully customizable travel experiences.